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The Heart Wants: Chapter Seventeen

Sorry for the really, really, really, really long wait. I hope this makes up for it! I feel like my smut is getting worse but I'm probably just being overly pedantic because I used the same word twice or something [I really hate overusing words...]. Gosh, this story really is like therapy to me at the moment. This and WoW. ANYWAY. I'll quit blabbing. ENJOY!

P.S OMGOSH I GOT THE MOVIE. It FINALLY got released  on dvd in Australia! And my friend and I convinced each other to both buy it from JB HiFi for $30. THIRTY FRICKIN DOLLARS. I'm broke, so that's like a fucking fortune for a dvd. Argh. But it's worth it, right? Riiiiiiight? <_<

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Chapter Seventeen-

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The Heart Wants: Chapter Sixteen

Okies. We're speeding along now xD I'll post more very, very soon.

Thanks again to readers & reviewers. I really appreciate it. I'm not perfect! This is my first smut attempt and there are bound to be mistakes so don't be shy.

Disclaimer: Computer says no.

Chapter Sixteen-


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The Heart Wants: Chapter Fifteen

Yay. Confrontation scene. Finally.

Edit: OH. Btw. Gosh, I can't believe I forgot to say this. Thanks so so so much for all your great feedback concerning the OOCness of my Holmes. Such a relief I can tell you. I was aiming for a purely RDJ inspired Holmes so to hear that he's more or less on target is very much appreciated. Thanks again! <3

Enjoy <3

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Chapter Fifteen-

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The Heart Wants: Chapter Fourteen

Sorry for the long wait, guys and dolls [mostly dolls xD]. Hope this makes up for it <3

Disclaimer: I own nary a thing.

Chapter Fourteen-

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Holmes/Watson fanvid: "I Am Not A Robot"

I thought this song was pretty appropriate for this xD And I love it. Videos are not reallyy my forte, but I enjoy making them occasionally xD

I'll post this over at the Holmes/Watson community sooner or later ;)


Song: I Am Not A Robot by Marina and the Diamonds

Clips: Oh, I wonder :P



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